9 Signs You Need Help With Dental Crown

9 Signs You Need Help With Dental Crown

January 1, 2022

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are very common dental accessories. They are placed over damaged teeth to cover or shield them from getting further affected by infections or injuries.

When a person’s tooth becomes damaged, the damages may affect their facial appearance, causing them to feel embarrassed or ashamed when talking in public. This is also where a dental crown comes in. A dental crown will cover the damaged area to enhance your smile and appearance.

Types of Dental Crown Materials

Dental crowns come from different materials like metal, porcelain, ceramic, and many others. To get a dental crown, you have to visit our dentist first. Visit us at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists if you need dental crowns in Kingwood.

Dental Crown Procedure

Once you get to our dentist, our dentist will examine and check out for decay or infections in your tooth. They would check your gums, tongue, teeth holes, and other parts of your teeth. If you have a gum disease known as periodontitis, our dentist would advise that you get treated by a periodontist first before getting a dental crown. Periodontists treat all kinds of gum diseases. Our periodontist in Kingwood can give you optimum dental care and treatment for gum disease.

If our dentist has confirmed that your dental health is eligible for dental crown placement, you can prepare for the procedure.

Firstly, our dentist would take a dental impression of your teeth. Our dentist would take your dental impression to the lab, where a technician will make your crown. However, our dentist would place a temporary dental crown on your teeth to last the period during which the technician is processing your permanent dental crowns.

Once your permanent dental crowns are ready, our dentist will contact you for your second dental appointment, which could be a final dental appointment if there are no complications with the dental crowns or your dental health.

During this dental visit, the permanent dental crowns would be placed, and if there is a need for alterations, our dentist will work on them.

Signs That Indicate You Need A Dental Crown

These are the ways you can know if a dental crown is the perfect dental treatment you need for your teeth:

  • If your tooth is broken or cracked, you need a dental crown. The dental crown would preserve the tooth’s integrity and prevent further damage.
  • If you’ve had root canal therapy, you may need it. A root canal therapy is a dental treatment that involves the removal of infections and decay from the teeth’ roots. After this dental treatment, the teeth might lose their firmness and become weak. A dental crown will give the teeth strength and support. It would also serve as a barrier against new infections.
  • A dental crown may be helpful if you need a dental bridge to fill up significant gaps caused by lost teeth. Dental crowns can hold the artificial teeth or tooth that comes with the dental bridge.
  • If you are suffering from bruxism or teeth grinding, your dentist can recommend dental crowns to help prevent damages caused by frequent teeth grinding. Chronic teeth grinding can cause worn-down enamel (teeth’ surface) and teeth.
  • If you have bad teeth discoloration and you’ve tried teeth whitening, but it wasn’t effective due to the severity of the teeth stain, your dentist can recommend that you get a dental crown to cover the stain.
  • If you have severe tooth cavities, a dental crown might be just what you need to prevent further cavities from getting into your teeth. If you need quality dental crowns, dental crowns in Kingwoods have got you covered.
  • If you have misshapen teeth, dental crowns can cover the poorly shaped teeth and improve your teeth’ appearance.
  • If you’ve gotten dental implants for missing teeth, your dentist can recommend dental crowns to cover the implanted screw.
  • If you’ve tried other dental treatments for teeth restoration and haven’t been effective enough, you can talk to our dentist near you about dental crowns.

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