Dental Crown Lengthening

Dental Crown Lengthening Near You in Kingwood, Houston TX 77339

Dental crown lengthening involves recontouring the gums and sometimes bone around the teeth to expose more of the natural tooth. For individuals who have gum tissue that comes down over the teeth more than necessary, a dental crown lengthening procedure can create a better-looking smile. Dental crown lengthening in Kingwood, TX, helps keep teeth clean and healthy because there is less space for bacteria to grow between the teeth and gums. Are you tired of having a “gummy” smile? For dental crown lengthening near you, give Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists a call.

How Dental Crown Lengthening Works?

This procedure can be done on all the teeth, one tooth, or a few of the teeth. For people who want a better-looking smile, the dental crown lengthening procedure is performed on all of the teeth for a bigger, brighter smile. Sometimes crown lengthening is necessary for dental crowns or bridges so that there is more of the healthy tooth exposed for the crown to be attached to.

Dental crown lengthening is performed by our expert dentist in Kingwood, TX at our dental office. If you need a tooth crown dentist near you, then make an appointment with us to find out more about your options for dental crown lengthening. During the procedure, some of the gum tissue is removed to expose more of the tooth or teeth. In some cases, it is also necessary for the bone to be shaved down as well.

Dental crown lengthening can be cosmetic, or it can be required for attaching a crown. In most cases, dental crown lengthening makes it easier to properly clean the teeth, which prevents future tooth decay and gum disease.

Why Dental Crown Lengthening is Necessary?

Some teeth restoration requires dental crown lengthening. A crown or bridge is an artificial tooth that replaces a tooth lost to decay or other damage. Crowns and bridges need healthy teeth to attach to, so dental crown lengthening helps create a stable support for the artificial tooth. Crowns fit over the top of a natural tooth, and if there is not enough of the healthy tooth exposed for the crown to attach to, then our tooth crown dentist near you, may recommend undergoing a dental crown lengthening in Kingwood, TX, first.

Get Dental Crown Lengthening Near You

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