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Digital Dental Imaging in Kingwood, Houston TX 77339

One of the most important and influential technological advancements in the field of dentistry is digital imaging in Kingwood, TX. Digital imaging is designed to take the place of traditional dental impressions, which are molds of a patient’s teeth and bite. Conventional impressions are formed by placing a tray filled with impression material in a patient’s mouth for enough time to allow the impression of the teeth to set.

However, not only are impressions uncomfortable for patients, but the process is often flawed and results in inaccuracies. Therefore, Dr. Cummings is proud to offer digital imaging in Kingwood, TX, as a replacement procedure for traditional impressions at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists.

Use of Digital Imaging

Digital imaging with our Kingwood dentist near you provides a precise and accurate digital scan of a patient’s teeth and bite without the use of mouth trays and impression gel or powder. This technology allows Dr. Cummings to make adjustments for the patient as the imaging is performed as well as share the scan of their mouth with them. The results of digital imaging are consistent and detailed scans that capture the composition and structure of a patient’s teeth and mouth. With these images, an effective and successful treatment plan can be designed to restore oral health and function.

Benefits for Digital Dental Imaging

There are several benefits for patients when our dentist in Kingwood, TX, utilizes digital imaging as a basis for restorative dental treatments and procedures. These advanced scanning techniques produce quick and accurate results, reducing the time that patients must spend in the office during their appointments. In addition, the discomfort and processing time associated with traditional dental impressions are alleviated with digital imaging.

Ultimately, the greatest benefits provided by digital imaging are:

  • Superior and immediate image results for a digital replica of patient’s teeth and bite
  • Accurate assessment of treatment required and reduction of errors
  • Electronic storage for ease of access and viewing
  • Enhanced comfort and efficiency for patients

Get Digital Dental Imaging Near You

Accuracy and precision for restorative dental procedures are essential for their success. For more information about digital imaging in Kingwood, TX, contact us at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists and schedule an appointment with our expert dentist near you in 77339!

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