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Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us. Sometimes, these curveballs come in the form of accidents, dental accidents, for that matter. As a result, you may find yourself in a situation that causes loss, displacement, or tooth injury. While most dental accidents are minor, you may suffer from a serious injury requiring urgent medical attention. If you have recently had a dental injury, it is crucial to contact our emergency dentist near you to determine your condition’s severity and the best treatment plan.

Emergency Dentistry Defined

Emergency Dentistry in Kingwood, TX, is a specialty aimed at treating dental injuries that are life-threatening or require immediate medical attention. Common types of dental emergencies as categorized by Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists include:

  1. Excessive Bleeding: When the bleeding from an open wound, gum tissue, or inner cheeks becomes too much for you to manage, it is highly recommended to visit a dental practice offering emergency dentistry near you.
  2. Excruciating tooth pain: When experiencing an extreme toothache that puts a strain on your entire head, body, and oral cavity, you should seek the services of a professional dentist in Kingwood, TX.
  3. Swelling: Oral infections can manifest in the form of swelling. As a result, you may suffer from tonsillitis, and mouth or tongue sores, among others. These swellings can also spread to other body parts such as the neck or shoulders. If you are experiencing this, it is highly recommended that you seek an immediate emergency dentist in Kingwood, TX.
  4. Displaced Teeth: It is highly recommended that you visit our dentist in Kingwood, TX right away if you have a knocked-out tooth. Having a displaced tooth is a serious problem that needs urgent dental care.

Dr. Lewis C. Cummings is an emergency dentist near you, who offers various dental services to adults and children alike.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Dental Injuries

  1. Avoid using your teeth to cut or open things. Instead, use scissors and openers.
  2. When participating in recreational activities and sports, use a mouthguard to protect your teeth.
  3. Frequently brush and floss your teeth to avoid tooth loss through tooth decay.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation: Emergency dentistry services enable a person to evaluate the state of their oral cavity and ensure its functionality.
  2. Salvaging teeth: Dental emergency treatment enables a person to restore their broken, fragile, or displaced teeth.

Visit Our Emergency Dentist Near You

If you are experiencing any form of a dental emergency, contact our reliable urgent dental care near you as soon as possible to receive the appropriate treatment. Call us now to book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Kingwood, TX near Humble, Porter, New Caney, Atascocita, and Spring.

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