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While dentistry is founded on tooth preservation principles, there are instances when a tooth must be removed. Tooth removal, or extraction, involves pulling a tooth from its socket. The socket is the space occupied by a tooth in the jawbone. Tooth Extractions are among the most common dental procedures.

Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists is a well-established dental clinic that provides tooth extraction in Kingwood, TX. Our tooth extraction is painless, and we go to great lengths to ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure.

When Do You Require Tooth Extraction?

A tooth may require extraction because of several reasons, including:

  • Where a tooth is damaged beyond repair and root canal therapy is out of the question.
  • If you have crowded teeth and need to undergo orthodontic treatment, we may remove some teeth to make more room.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth may require removal, especially when they are infected or painful.
  • If you have loose teeth due to periodontal disease, our Kingwood dentist may recommend pulling these out.
  • A patient undergoing chemotherapy treatment or organ transplant can have a tooth removed, especially where this tooth poses a significant risk of infection.

What to Expect During Your Tooth Extraction Appointment?

There are two types of extractions—surgical and non-surgical. Non-surgical extractions involve pulling the tooth from its socket without any form of surgical maneuver.

During surgical extractions, our dentist cuts through the gum tissue to access the tooth. Surgical extractions are required for impacted teeth and teeth severely decayed down to the gum line.

We use anesthesia to ensure our extractions are pain-free and comfortable for our patients. For patients who struggle with anxiety, we have the option of sedation dentistry. Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists is the use of sedatives to cause relaxation during dental procedures. We offer various sedation options depending on the needs of the patient.

At the end of your extraction, our tooth removal dentist near you, will give you aftercare instructions to ensure recovery and healing.

Visit a Tooth Removal Dentist Near You

While losing a tooth may not be ideal, Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists is dedicated to ensuring that every patient who requires this procedure gets it done safely and in a welcoming environment. Contact us today to schedule your extraction!

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