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By utilizing advanced technologies in diagnostics, surgical planning, and postsurgical healing, Lewis C. Cummings, DDS, MS, of Kingwood, Texas, treats complex periodontal diseases. Using CT, intraoral digital imaging, and other technologies, Dr. Cummings can diagnose complex problems, effectively plan oral surgeries, and create oral restorations. For a consultation about how advanced technologies can help your oral health, call or book an appointment online.

Advanced Technology Q & A

How can advanced technology enhance my oral health?

Dr. Cummings is proud to offer the latest surgical and technological advances to the patients under his care. As a leading expert in the field of periodontics, Dr. Cummings’ office was one of the first periodontist offices to offer cone beam imaging technology and intraoral scanning.

These advanced technologies are used together to create highly accurate digital images and impressions. This ability helps to:

  • Create an appropriate treatment plan
  • Guide surgical planning
  • Visualize planned procedures ahead of time
  • Give an accurate representation of oral structures
  • Eliminate the need for messy trays and plaster molds

Using these imaging technologies, Dr. Cummings and his team can create dental models, oral appliances, and full arch restorations in-house using their 3D-printer, or in association with a local dental laboratory.

What are some advanced technologies used with periodontal care?

Dr. Cummings’ office uses advanced imaging technology in three main ways:

TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

TRIOS digital scanning makes a digital impression of a patient’s teeth and oral structures. In real time, Dr. Cummings can plan dental care and help the patient visualize how treatments can affect their bite and smile. TRIOS digital impressions allow Dr. Cummings to share information with your general dentist, to fast track your dental restorations and to provide well-coordinated care.

iCAT™ Cone Beam Dental Imaging System

The iCAT Cone Beam 3d Dental Imaging System allows quick and accurate digital imaging. This helps to plan dental implants, tooth extractions, full arch implant restorations, and other treatments. Dr. Cummings was the first in the Kingwood area to offer this advanced technology, which is an invaluable tool in creating your restorations.

Computed tomography (CT)

Using CT technology, Dr. Cummings can get accurate images that can help diagnose complex periodontal conditions, plan treatment, and serve as a guide for surgical procedures.

These technologies give Dr. Cummings the ability to create evidence-based, personalized plans of care.

How are plasma-rich growth factors used for advanced healing in periodontics?

In addition to advanced imaging technologies, Dr. Cummings uses advanced healing technology through the use of plasma-rich growth factors (PRGF). PRGF are natural elements of the human body and can be extracted from a sample of your own blood.

When injected during oral surgeries, PRGF promote healing by signaling the body to reproduce the exact cells needed to heal and repair damaged tissue.

Dr. Cummings uses PRGF for procedures such as:

  • Dental implants
  • Full arch implant restorations
  • Gum or gingival grafting
  • Bone grafting

The use of PRGF can enhance healing and growth of new, healthier tissue. It also offers improved healing in less time than without the growth factors and provides predictable results, because it utilizes the body’s own ability to heal.

To see how these advanced technologies can help to improve your oral health, call or schedule an appointment online with Lewis C. Cummings, DDS, MS.