Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST)

An alternative preferred by dentists in Kingwood for its popularity instead of performing gum grafting surgery is the latest technique called pinhole surgery. The procedure is similar to laparoscopic or orthoscopic surgery when correcting gum recession by making a tiny hole in your gum line.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing help remove accumulated tartar from your teeth and below the gum line. When you allow bacteria to stay in your mouth without flossing, it eventually hardens into tartar in approximately 48 hours.

Bone Regeneration

When you develop severely receded gums, you might suffer from jawbone deterioration beneath the gums. In such cases, you might require bone regeneration surgery to correct the tissue by peeling back your gums to augment bone with a bone graft.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is an alternative option that might help you instead of gum grafting, which allows your smile lines by reshaping your gums. Gum grafting is performed with the use of lasers or scalpels. You receive anesthesia before performing this procedure.

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