What is Computer-Guided Implant Surgery and Its Benefits?

What is Computer-Guided Implant Surgery and Its Benefits?

June 1, 2022

Tooth loss is a severe oral health issue having a significant impact on your overall quality of life. Loss of teeth makes it challenging to eat and embarrassing to smile. Fortunately, dental implants can provide a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. When placing dental implants, our dentist in Kingwood utilizes computer-guided implant surgery techniques to precisely place the implant and reduce surgery time.

Using the state-of-the-art technology from Nobel BioCare providing the computer-guided implant placement system, our dentist performs the surgery with higher precision and accuracy than is possible with traditional methods. However, accuracy and precision are just a couple of advantages of guided implant surgery. This article considers the benefits of guided implant surgery to indicate why you must prefer having implants from our dentist near you instead of professionals using traditional methods.

Benefits of Computer-Guided Implant Placement Surgery

Below are the main advantages of computer-guided implant placement surgery:

1. Accurate and Precise

The most significant benefit of computer-guided implant surgery is that it enables our dentist to place the implants more accurately and precisely than traditional methods. Guided implant surgery helps our dentist take CT scans of the jaw to create 3D images of the oral structures. Unique computer software uses the information to create a surgical template that helps determine the optimal location for dental implant placement.

2. Risks Reduced

Looking at the anatomical structures of the jaw, teeth, and surrounding tissue is possible with computer-guided implant technology to reduce the risks of unexpected complications during the surgical process besides allowing the surgeon to determine precisely where implant placement should take place.

3. Reduced Surgery Time

As an accurate surgical template is created, guesswork is eliminated with computer-guided surgery. In addition, the surgical template permits our dentist to complete the procedure faster than conventional implant surgery to ensure patients can begin the recovery process earlier.

4. Enhanced Patient Education

Detailed scans of the oral structure are what computer-guided implant technology is based on. The images help dentists explain the implant placement procedure besides educating patients about their overall health.

5. Instant Restoration of Dental Function

When you get conventional implants, you must wait for three to six months to recover from the surgery before you have a complete dental function. However, with computer-guided implant surgery, you can have same-day implants allowing you to enjoy restored dental function after one appointment with a dentist.

6. Compromised Jawbone Will Not be an Issue

Tooth loss causes bone resorption causing your face to change shape and appear older. With traditional implants, you might require bone grafting or sinus lifts before you can have dental implants as replacements for your missing teeth. Fortunately, the use of computer-guided implant technology enables our dentist to see the unique structure of your jawbone and permits them to place the implants ideally, even if you suffer from bone loss. It indicates you don’t have to worry about jawbone loss or multiple surgical procedures before getting dental implants as missing tooth replacement solutions.

7. Help with Additional Implant Placement

Do you already have dental implants in your mouth from earlier procedures? Computer-guided technology makes it possible for our dentist to see the exact location of your existing implants to make the necessary adjustments and ensure no additional implants are placed in those locations.

If you are missing one or more teeth and consider tooth replacement solutions, you will undoubtedly receive information that dental implants are the best options currently available. In addition, the introduction of computer-guided technology has now made dental implants even more ideal for your dental restoration needs.

You undoubtedly must undergo a surgical procedure to receive the implants in your mouth. Fortunately, unlike earlier, when dentists decided where to place the implants using x-rays and images of your mouth, the job of guiding implant placement is now the responsibility of computer-guided technology that allows for accurate placement even when you don’t have sufficient jawbone.


If you haven’t decided on the restoration you want for your missing teeth, Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists provide computer-guided surgery in Kingwood, TX. Whether you are missing one or more teeth, you help yourself by seeking assistance from the facility to overcome your dental restoration needs and benefit from computer-guided implant surgery and its benefits. Do not delay your treatment any further but start enjoying the benefits of this procedure that helps restore dental functionality and your smile. Contact us today!

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