7 Important Tips  to Care  For  Your Mouth After  Getting  Tooth  Extraction

Do Not Eat Immediately after the Procedure

Your mouth will still be numb, which increases the risk of hurting yourself. Wait until the numbing subsides to take your first meal.

Keep the Gauze  in Place

It helps control bleeding and allows the mouth to form a blood clot on the wound. Your dentist will advise changing the gauze after about 30 minutes to keep the site clean and free of infection.

Eat Soft Foods Only

It may be your only meal for the first week after your treatment. However, as you heal, you will be able to integrate other foods into your meals. Ensure you do not skip your meals since your body needs the energy and nutrients to heal quickly.

Avoid Smoking  and  Drinking Alcohol

Smoking & drinking alcohol slows down your healing and increases the risk of infection.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Oral hygiene reduces the risk of infection in your extraction wound. Find a soft-bristled toothbrush that will not be too abrasive for your tender gums. Follow the recommendations we give you at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists regarding gentle and safe products after tooth extractions.

Take Rest

Do not get back to work immediately after your treatment. Take a few days off to rest, allowing your mouth to heal properly. You should be able to resume normal work routines in about 48 or 72 hours, depending on the nature of your work.

Take Your Medication

Your dentist should prescribe some medicine to manage your pain, ease the swelling and prevent infections.

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