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One of the most important aspects of periodontal surgical procedures is the patient’s full recovery and return to oral health. That’s why Dr. Lewis C. Cummings is dedicated to his patients’ advanced healing in Kingwood, TX. Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) is an effective treatment that can aid a patient’s recovery after undergoing oral surgery. Our staff at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists provides PRGF as a procedure to enhance the healing process subsequent to periodontal surgery for our patients.

What Is PRGF?

PRGF is an innovative treatment method that encourages a patient’s own body to generate and replace hard and soft tissues and other materials lost during periodontal surgery. During the PGRF procedure, prior to the surgical procedure, a small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn. This blood is then processed to isolate the plasma rich in growth factors from other cells found in the blood.

The PRGF is then applied to the periodontal surgical site once the surgery is complete by our Kingwood dentist near you. The body’s own plasma rich in protein and growth material stimulates healing that would otherwise take much longer to occur for the patient post-surgery. PRGF contributes to the restored oral health and recovery of the patient by speeding up the healing process and enhancing the growth and restoration of blood vessels, soft tissue, and bone at the site of surgery.

Benefits of PRGF in Post-Surgical Recovery

There are several benefits of incorporating PRGF as a procedure in post-surgical recovery. Our dentist in Kingwood, TX, will apply PRGF to the surgical site after your periodontal surgery. This allows for quicker, advanced healing for the patient by reducing bleeding and improving the regeneration of tissue and bone. This enriched plasma provides proteins and other compounds from your own blood to enhance your body’s natural process of recovery.

Get Advanced Healing Near You

There are risks for patients undergoing any type of surgery, including periodontal surgical procedures. To reduce the risk of any compromised healing or oral health complications, Dr. Lewis C. Cummings offers PRGF for patients. For more information about advanced healing in Kingwood, TX, contact our dentist near you at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists.

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