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The oral health of each patient is important, whether our dentist near you is helping to maintain it or restore it. Technological and procedural advancements in dentistry are allowing for safer, more effective, and more precise treatments for patients to enhance their oral health and function. This is especially true in terms of dental implants—a restorative surgical procedure that offers a permanent replacement solution for tooth loss. Computer guided surgery in Kingwood, TX, is one such advancement utilized by Dr. Lewis C. Cummings to provide the most innovative treatments and procedures available at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists.

What Is Computer Guided Surgery?

Computer-guided surgery is the use of computer programming and imaging technology as a means of guiding the creation of dental implants and their placement for the patient. This advanced procedure for dental implant surgery is efficient, precise, and accurate. Therefore, the success of the patient’s implant procedure is enhanced, allowing for a quicker and smoother return to oral health and function after tooth loss.

Benefits of Computer Guided Surgery

There are many benefits in the field of dentistry to using advanced technology and equipment for computer-guided surgery. These enhanced surgical procedures performed by our Kingwood dentist near you, minimize risks for patients and maximize their recovery time due to precise and accurate dental implant placement. In addition, the use of this technology dramatically increases the success of dental implant surgical outcomes so that patients are provided a safe and permanent solution for tooth loss.

With imaging technology, Dr. Lewis C. Cummings can discern important anatomical and structural details for a more predictable surgical outcome during the implant procedure. In addition, computer-guided surgery allows for detailed planning even before the procedure begins. This can eliminate many risks of unexpected complications during oral surgery as well as reduce the time that is required to place dental implants.

Get Computer Guided Surgery Near You

To reduce surgical risks and other oral health complications for patients undergoing dental implants, Dr. Cummings offers computer-guided surgery in Kingwood, TX. For more information about dental implants, advanced surgical procedures, and your oral health, contact our dentist at Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists and schedule a consultation!

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