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When teeth are missing, it can cause a myriad of dental issues, including an increased risk of gum disease, a misaligned bite, and facial drooping. To fix a gap in the teeth, there are options such as dental bridges & dental implants in Kingwood, TX. Tooth extractions include removing the root of the tooth from the gums, which means to repair the gap with an artificial tooth, it is necessary to also replace the root of the tooth with an implant. If you are looking for dental implants in Kingwood, TX, our dental clinic can help. Dr. Cummings is the top implantologist in Kingwood and the surrounding areas. Call our implant dentist near you for a consultation.

How Dental Implants Work?

The first step to replacing a missing tooth with a permanent crown is to use a dental implant to create a base for the crown to be attached to. It takes multiple appointments to complete the procedure. During the first appointment, our dentist in Kingwood, TX will replace the missing root with a dental implant. Dental implants are a small piece of titanium that becomes bonded with the bone of the jaw. Between the first and second appointments, the implant will settle in place with the bone to create stable support.

Once the dental implant is healed and in place, the implantologist can then add an abutment, which is a post that the crown is placed over. In some cases, the implant, post, and crown can all be installed in one appointment. Our implantologist will be happy to provide you with a consultation for a dental implant in Kingwood, TX near Humble, Porter, New Caney, Atascocita, and Spring.

Full Arch Restoration

For patients who are missing multiple or all of their teeth, a full arch restoration procedure may be necessary. The upper and lower arch of the mouth is what supports the teeth. Full arch restoration includes using dental implants for all of the teeth on the lower, upper, or both arches. If you are in need of full-arch restoration implants near you, then book an appointment with Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists. It takes an experienced and highly trained implantologist to perform a full arch restoration.

Get Dental Implants Near You

Full arch restoration is recommended for patients who use dentures. Compared to traditional dentures, full-arch restoration can create a more natural-looking smile. Dentures that are supported with implants do not move around like regular dentures, making it easier to chew and it keeps the structures of the mouth healthy. Call us now to book a consultation with our implant dentist near you and learn more about getting missing tooth replacement in Kingwood, Houston, TX!

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