What are the Various Modern Dental Technologies Available?

What are the Various Modern Dental Technologies Available?

July 1, 2023

How Technology has Evolved in Dentistry?

Modern dentistry is improving rapidly, making dental procedures safer and more affordable. With the introduction of new dental technology, patients can undergo complex procedures within a shorter period while being more comfortable. Various innovative technologies have recently been introduced to phase out traditional methods of dentistry. This article will list some of the most common dental technology and their role in improving modern dentistry.

Dentists have been utilizing technology in diagnosing and treating dental problems for a while now. The most common dental technology being used in helping dentists with dental diagnosis and treatments include laser surgery, x-rays and 3D printing. There are also other dental technologies that were recently introduced and have already made dental procedures safer, cheaper and more reliable.

What are the Different Types of Modern Dental Technologies?

There are various types of modern dental technology in use. Below are a few examples and how they have revolutionized dentistry:

1) Digital Imaging

Digital imaging refers to the utilization of technology in taking detailed photos of teeth, gums and other mouth structures. The tool has proven useful in modern dentistry as it has helped with the following:

  • Diagnosing of Dental Problems: digital imaging has not only helped dentists but also others from across the world identify dental problems like gum disease, cavities and bone loss easily and with more accuracy. This has enabled dentists to diagnose even the most advanced dental issues early, preventing the conditions from developing into more serious dental problems in future.
  • Treatment Planning: digital images taken by advanced dental imaging devices such as the intra-oral camera has helped dentists plan treatment that uses dental appliances such as orthodontics and dental implants. Our dentist in Kingwood, TX uses detailed images of the mouth to prepare a customized and accurate treatment plan which has resulted in better outcomes for our patients.
  • Monitoring of Patient’s Dental Health: we can use digital imaging to monitor patients’ dental health, allowing us to detect potential dental issues earlier to prevent them from advancing into future dental emergencies.

2) Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

PGRF is a modern dental technology that entails using patients’ own blood to promote mouth tissue regeneration and healing. The patient’s blood is collected and processed to extract PGRF, which can later be used in various dental procedures to facilitate the fast recovery of wounds. Examples of dental procedures that have improved through the use of PGRF include:

  • Dental Implant Placement After a dental implant, PGRF taken from the patient’s blood can be placed around the implant site to encourage the growth of new bone and gum tissue, thus helping to stabilize the dental implant.
  • Treatment of Gum Disease: Dentistry can apply PGRF to the gums affected by periodontal disease to reduce inflammation and improve gum health.
  • Tooth Removal: dentists can encourage tissue regeneration and healing post-tooth extraction by applying PGRF to the tooth extraction site. This helps the wound heal faster and reduces pain, swelling, and discomfort.

3) ICAT Cone Beam 3D Imaging

ICAT Cone Beam 3D imaging is a valuable piece of technology that has helped improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatments while reducing patients’ exposure to radiation and discomfort. Our dentist at 77339 use the technology to take highly detailed images of the jawbone, teeth and other oral structures for precise treatment planning. Although the device uses X-rays to capture 3-dimensional models of the mouth, it produces less radiation compared to traditional CT scans making it safer for patients. It is also quicker and more comfortable as it only requires the patient to sit through the procedure for a few minutes.

4) Computer Guided Surgery

Computer-guided surgery is a modern dental technology that combines 3D imaging and computer software to assist dentists in planning and performing surgical, dental procedures. It is minimally invasive since it is highly accurate and doesn’t end up damaging surrounding tissues during treatment. It also reduces the risk of complications since dentists can plan for the surgery using the technology’s highly detailed map to be more precise when performing dental surgeries.

5) Laser Dentistry

Laser treatment in dentistry has been there for a while but improves with time as new innovations are added to make the treatment safer and more reliable. Dentists can use lasers to treat gum problems more effectively by reducing or eliminating side effects that come with traditional treatment methods. The treatment is also used in tooth whitening procedures and treating tooth decay and poses a lot of benefits, such as reducing dental pain and promoting fast recovery.

6) 3D Printing

Since their introduction to dentistry, 3D printing technology has grown more popular and revolutionized treatments meant for dental restorations. Dentists can use the technology to create custom dental devices with more precision while reducing waiting time. Since dental devices made through 3D printers are more precise, patients enjoy better outcomes than restorative devices made through traditional methods.

Visit a Modern Dental Clinic Near You

Modern dental technology has made dental procedures safer, cheaper and more accurate. Patients who visit dental clinics that use modern dental technology benefit from faster treatment and healing time while enjoying better treatment results. Contact our Kingwood Dentistry at Houston Oral Healthcare for dental exams and treatments. Our dentist uses the latest dental technology to make treatment safer and more comfortable for all patients.

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