What Are The Main Advantages of Fluoride Treatment?

What Are The Main Advantages of Fluoride Treatment?

April 1, 2022

Getting a fluoride treatment is one of the best ways to prevent numerous dental illnesses and keep yourself safe. Many times, we neglect our dental health until there are dental issues. Preventive care helps us in many ways, and a fluoride treatment is one of the ways to achieve this.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a preventive dental procedure. Our dentist carefully applies a high amount of fluoride to your teeth to strengthen your enamel and prevent high risks of teeth decay or cavities.

In many advanced countries, minor amounts of fluoride can be found naturally in water to lessen teeth decay cases. Although you can get fluoride in toothpaste, the fluoride often used at our dentist’s office is more effective and has higher concentrations.

It might also interest you to know that fluoride treatments are non-invasive and simple. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure. However, if you are constantly anxious before dental treatment, our dentist in 77339 can get sedatives to help you feel relaxed during your fluoride treatment.

Studies have also confirmed that fluoride prevents periodontitis (advanced gum infection). Since fluoride can strengthen your teeth against diseases, you are less likely to develop plaques.

Plaques are food particles that get stuck in the teeth and get hardened over time after being neglected for too long. Soon, if the plaques are not gotten rid of, they would release harmful chemicals that irritate the gums and causes other infections. This can lead to gum diseases (periodontitis) and, in a worse case, tooth loss.

Signs of periodontitis may include bleeding gums, painful chewing, metallic taste inside the mouth, persistent sores between the gums and around the mouth, receding gums, and loosened teeth. If you have noticed weird changes in your dental structure, you can visit our periodontist in Kingwood, TX.

What Does A Fluoride Treatment Entail?

Fluoride treatment takes only a few minutes and doesn’t need any major procedure. However, this doesn’t mean that our dentist wouldn’t follow detailed guidelines to allow you to stay safe and make the treatment an effective one.

At Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists, our dentists are always strict about following the appropriate steps to make your treatment a successful one.

First of all, you would get a dental examination. During the dental inspection, our dentist will check the dental structure thoroughly. Sometimes dental illnesses can take long before they show any signs, which are detectable through dental examinations. Early detection is one of the best ways to get rid of a dental illness and recover quickly. This is one of the significant benefits of a dental examination. Once our dentist has confirmed that your dental health is intact, the next procedure will occur.

Next, our dentist would make sure to get your teeth dried up. This would prevent the fluoride gel or varnish from getting diluted.

Our dentist will use a mouth tray to apply the fluoride if it is foam or gel. But if the fluoride comes in a varnish form, a  cotton swab or brush would be used to apply the fluoride varnish to your teeth.

Once the fluoride gel or varnish has been applied to your teeth, our dentist would ask you to stay still so that your teeth can fully absorb the fluoride.

Note that you would be asked not to eat or from anything for 30 minutes after getting your treatment so that the fluoride will be fully absorbed.

Our dentist would then give you tips on how to maintain your teeth after the treatment and also inform you about your subsequent fluoride treatment.

Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment does a lot of good to your teeth like:

  • It protects your enamel
  • It prevents cavities and decay from damaging your teeth
  • It maintains and restores the minerals that keep your teeth healthy and strong
  • It prevents you from spending money on worsened dental cases caused by poor dental care.

If you are looking for fluoride treatment in Kingwood, TX near Humble, Porter, New Caney, Atascocita, and Spring, you can schedule your appointment with Houston Oral Healthcare Specialists today!

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