Overall Health Benefits of Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

Overall Health Benefits of Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

May 1, 2022

According to health experts, good oral health reflects an overall good general body health. Conversely, when you have poor oral health, you risk deterioration of your body health; for instance, if you have a severe oral infection, the bacteria in your oral cavity may find their way into the blood vessels spreading to other sites in the body. Thus, it is essential to uphold ideal dental health practices like brushing teeth after eating, flossing, and keeping your mouth hydrated. However, these routines are not very efficient in maintaining perfect dental health, which is why oral experts recommend regular visits to the dentist.

Most people will only go to a dental clinic when in discomfort or after getting a dental emergency. This puts you at risk of future dental problems that will be harder and more costly to treat because of the advanced stages they will be at. When you visit our dentist, you will have an oral examination procedure where developing oral issues will be detected and the appropriate treatment recommended. This benefits you in the long run, both health-wise and financially. By having these issues resolved early, you get to avoid oral problems in the future, which can be quite expensive to treat.

What Does Teeth Cleaning Procedure Involve?

Dental exams and cleanings are simple and pain-free. Being well-informed about a procedure you are to undergo will help ease anxiety and stress, so here is what goes down during a dental cleaning process.

1. A Physical Oral Exam

Most dental cleaning procedures are done by the dental hygienist, but a physical oral cavity examination takes place first before this process begins. The hygienist will check the teeth, gums, roof of the mouth, and floor for potential signs of gum disease and other dental concerns.

2. Tartar and Plaque Elimination

Your dental practitioner will use a scaler and a small mirror to identify plaque and tartar that may be around the gum line and scrape them off. How long this procedure lasts will depend on the amount of tartar in your oral cavity.

Frequently brushing teeth and flossing halts plaque build-up and turning into tartar. However, once you get tartar, only professional dental cleaning can remove it.

3. Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

Once all the tartar has been completely removed, an electric brush with high power will be used to brush your teeth. This equipment makes a grinding-like noise that may sound a bit scary. If you have anxiety concerns, you can discuss with our dentist in 77339 ways to get you relaxed.

4. Expert Dental Flossing

No matter how frequently you floss at home, an expert dental flossing session beats it all. The hygienist gets deeper between the teeth and also removes leftover plaque and toothpaste from your earlier cleaning process.

5. Rinsing

Your hygienist will give you a rinse containing liquid fluoride to rinse out any debris that may be in your mouth.

6. Fluoride Treatment Application

This is the last procedure of the dental cleaning process and is done to strengthen the teeth enamel enabling it to withstand dental cavities for months.

Health Benefits of Regular Dental Exams & Cleaning

Here are some important health benefits of regular dental exams and cleanings:

It Prevents the Loss of Teeth

Regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups prevent gingivitis which can cause tooth loss by destroying the gum and jawbone tissue.

Early Detection of Tooth Cavities

Cavities can be quite painful and result in tooth loss if it progresses and spreads deep into the tooth root.

Treatment and Prevention of Gum Disease

If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease, which causes inflammation because of tartar build-up under the gums and along the gum line. Thus, early detection helps prevent its progress.

It Helps Instill Ideal Dental Hygiene Practices in Kids

Taking your kids to our dentist in Kingwood will help them understand why it is necessary to take good care of teeth as well as help them develop a positive attitude about dental checkups.

Helps Detect Oral Problems Early

Dental radiography technology allows dental experts to diagnose oral issues that cannot be detected easily by the naked eye. Such issues include impacted teeth, tooth decay, tumors, and jaw bone decay.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation makes one more susceptible to disease and aging and, if systemic, can cause chronic conditions. Better oral hygiene practices reduce the chances of getting inflammation.

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